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United Community Grants provides unique grant writing services and award-winning experience in acquiring the DHS Homeland Security or NSGP Grant for Non-Profit organizations around the United States. We are considered the NSGP Grant Experts nationally.


United Community Grants

Highly experienced and considered the leader in grant research, governmental briefings, and alerts for the community. We facilitate grant-writing and repeated grant success; engaging and developing solid relationships with individuals and organizations with local and national faith-based communities.

Our Grant Management Team has demonstrated time and time again a tremendous capacity in understanding the issues & challenges facing the American non-profit Community.

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The United Community Grants Team - our commitment to every client is transparency, boutique-style personal services, efficient communications, ongoing guidance, and stellar results. United Community Grants are proud to be the #1 provider of grant services to a diverse group of communities across the USA. Celebrating over 10 years of outstanding client results with one of the highest grant success rates in the nation.

Additionally, The United Community Grants team is honored to be affiliated and recognized by the following designations:

  • Grant Professionals Association

  • American Grantwriters Writers Association

  • National Grant Management Association

  • ASIS



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