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Our valued client. Each and every client is the asset we are most proud of. We cherish the fact that you have chosen us to identify your grant needs, secure and fulfill the grant while guiding you through the whole process. Our team comes to work every day to ensure your success and satisfaction.

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Threat Assessment and Security Guidance - Zalman Myer-Smith - CEO

Our security department is overseen by a much sought-after advisor and consultant to faith-based sites. He has helped negotiate security policy, protocols, and procedures as well as been involved with FEMA and State Emergency management for the NSGP & State Security Grants.

Grant Management - Yossi Cohen - Director of Grant Management

Our Director of Grants Management oversees every aspect of grant management, is fluent in state, local, and federal requirements, and liaises with emergency management and FEMA to ensure accelerated processing and grant fulfillment. He is highly respected by grant agencies and is a critical advisor to ensure best practices and solutions are made to ensure you are awarded and fulfill grants in an expedited manner.

Client Support - Sheina Myer-Smith & Team

Our client support manager is focused on ensuring client questions are answered, any issues in the complex grant fulfillment process are resolved accurately and efficiently. Her ability to explain the process and identify solutions has been a boon to the UCG team and our valued clients.

Grant Writing Team

Our grant writing team comes from a rich and diverse set of backgrounds. UGC identifies your needs and just like a matchmaker, will match your entity and needs with a seasoned grant writer who can tell your story in a powerful narrative which dramatically increases your chance of success, whether it be for a federal, state, local, or foundation grant. Our team has over 10 years of successful grant writing and consulting. With a proven and sought after methodology in matching clients to grants and perfecting grants for clients for all types of grants, whether they be Federal, State, Local, or Private grant opportunities.

Grant Processing Team

Overseen by our senior team, our grant processors ensure your file gets diligent and focused attention every day to collate, share and process the myriad of documentation and items that may be needed to get you the most grant funding in the least amount of time.

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